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Under the strategic agreement with Kenta Biotech, Aridis Pharmaceuticals (USA) has acquired the MabIgX® technology.

The human immune system’s ability to generate unique but highly specific antibodies to all foreign antigens is unmatched by any artificial, man-made With the variation of individual antibody isotypes, such as IgM or IgG1, the immune system can even further optimize an antibody response to highest effect. This variability paired with optimized effector function enables the immune system to counteract the daily onslaught of invading pathogens and to prevent bacterial infections to metastasize into deep tissues and distant organs.

KThe MabIgX® technology based on a classical but effective hybridoma technology allows capturing not only the vast variability of the antibody repertoire but as well the diversity in effector functions. Kenta Biotech has optimized a method of activating and immortalizing human B-cells isolated from individuals who have successfully defeated an infection caused by the target pathogen. Antibodies produced by B-cells of convalescent individual are highly relevant for the body's defense against the pathogen, and therefore are the ideal source for generation of highly protective MAbs.

The major hurdle in the exploitation of the therapeutic value of human mAbs has always been the inability to easily select and culture antigen-induced antibody-producing human B cells and to use them to construct continuous mAb-producing cell lines. Kenta Biotech unique proprietary fusion cell line allows us to immortalize human B-cells through a cell fusion process, generating stable hybridomas for continuous antibody production and growth. The resulting human hybridoma lines can be adapted to specific serum-free media for large scale manufacturing of our fully human mAbs.